Friday, January 21, 2011

Two Beers Brewing--more southside suds

  Posting more notes from my expedition last August into the SODO warehouse district. Two Beers Brewing was throwing a party to celebrate their first full year in the neighborhood.  It was a dandy shindig, right out on a loading dock.
I was really impressed by the one-man bluegrass band.  He had taps on his shoes and a mic picked up the beat as he sang or played.
They were rightly busy inside, pouring from half a dozen kegs, so I didn't get a chance to inquire into the origins of their name.  The only real two-beers breweries I have found so far are the one in Roslyn and our Frank-n-Stein in Ferndale (and the latter usually has a couple of Boundary Bay kegs hooked up to the third and fourth taps). 
   I next caught up with Two Beers at the Winter Beerfest at Hale's last month.  There, I sampled their 20-20 Blonde, which had really been jazzed up for the party.  On top of the regular ingredients  they had added lavender, rose petals, elderberry, and dried currants. If Tolkien's elves had any beer in Rivendell for transient dwarves like Gimli, I think it would have been something like this.  Again, I forgot to ask about the name.
    Brewmaster Joel VandenBrink was good enough to answer my email inquiries and assure me that yes, the normal 20-20 is brewed without the elvish additions.  He got the name from a saying he either found or originated, that "life is a little more honest after two beers."  Cheers, Joel.
(Visited 8/28/10, 12/10)

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