Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Elliott Bay's Burien pub

   This convivial brewpub occupies one end of a small strip mall in Burien, near the airport. Elliott Bay has been around in West Seattle since 1997, and in this, their second location, since '07.  They stress their organic certification: when I visited last June they had fourteen taps working, seven of which had the organic label and seven did not. Judging by the website, they now have almost all their brews made with organic barley.
   The Burien location has plenty of tables and was full of diners on a Friday night,  Their menu suggests beer-food pairings.  I was intrigued by the pairing of the cranberry chicken yogurt salad with the Hop von Boorian, what they call a Belgian IPA.  Kind of like a hoppy trippel, and named for Gottlieb von Boorian, who founded the town in 1888.   For my pint, I tried the Demolition IPA (IBU 140, ABV 7.3) with a delicious shredded pork quesadilla. You can imagine how an IPA with that much zap just explodes on the palate.
   At the back they have a couple of fine looking shuffleboard tables.  All in all, a pleasant stop.
(Visited 6/11/10)

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