Friday, July 29, 2011

Brewing back in Wenatchee

   Columbia Valley Brewing has been open for business since early June, and has been very busy responding to local demand!  I had stopped by brewer Joe Nestor's previous business incarnation in Cashmere a couple of years ago and was sad to see a nice set of beers lost.  Joe's back--although the day I stopped by, he was in Portland shopping for several more fermenting tanks.  The new location in Wenatchee is right along the riverfront park, with seating outdoors in the nice weather and indoors in the otherwise.
My server told me the thirsty locals in Wenatchee keep draining their kegs, and the only beer brewed on the premises available that day was the Wenatcheeweizen, 4.8% abv and nicely balanced, not overly fruity. They had brought in three kegs from Two Beers in Seattle to provide variety. When Joe does get those new fermenters in, the concoctions on the board include an IPA, a Porter, a regular amber (Liberator) and an imperial amber (Suffocator) weighing in at 8.5%.
     The view of the Columbia River, flowing past the park, is very nice from the pub interior.
(Visited 7/19/11)