Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Twin Rivers Brewing, Monroe

  This was a stop in late August last year, while the Evergreen State Fair was going on in Monroe.  This operation is located in a storefront next door to the Sailfish Bar and Grill, where its beers are most or all of the taps.  The restaurant looks like an attractive dining experience, just open evenings.Brewery and restaurant are both owned by Timothy Kovach and have been here since the mid-90s.
   The website lists seven beers, of which I saw five last summer.  They were identified as Dusseldorf Alt, IPA, Amber, and Golden Ales, and Russian Imperial Stout.  I tried the stout; very big and with a distinct coffee flavor in the finish.  A small taste of the Alt hinted at a nice beer experience too.
   U.S 2, running down from Stevens Pass to end up in Everett, is one of Washington's least pleasant drives as it runs through Gold Bar, Sultan, and Monroe.  The state fair just makes a bad situation worse.  I was grateful to the bartender, who told me how the locals avoid the highway by taking some parallel local streets.

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