Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Maritime Pacific

   Maritime Pacific sits in an industrial part of Ballard, in a newish looking warehouse.
The logo is nice, a tall ship in front of a silhouette of the mountains.  The pub has a fancy-restaurant feel, maroon inside and a good set of menu choices.  It seems as if it were decorated by some restaurant consultant without much feel for the beer business or the maritime theme. 
   They were running 13 taps of their own brews the day I stopped by, with three of them doubled up: the Flagship Red, the Imperial IPA, and the Old Seattle Lager.  The server indicated that the second taps were dry-hopped but seemed too busy to elaborate.  This was one of those experiences where the waitstaff just didn't have the time or the inclination to talk much about the beers.  My pint of Flagship, brewed in the Alt style, was tasty and this brewery does have a good reputation for its products.  One wishes the experience were more fun.
  (Visited 9/24/10)

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