Thursday, October 7, 2010

Roslyn Brewing: history made tasty

  Up through Snoqualmie Pass and heading down the east side, one come on the well-preserved old mining town of Roslyn.  The brewery here sits in a nice little wood building that blends in with the block.
 They have been here for twenty years, making just two lagers: Brookside and Dark.  With an annual capacity of 600 barrels, and fairly wide distribution for their 22-oz. bottles, adding ales to the lineup hasn't been in the cards, but that may change in the future.
   The original Roslyn brewery was in a substantial-looking brick building, according to some old photos.  It closed in 1915 as the mines played out and the population dwindled. The recipe for today's dark lager was found in the records of this predecessor. Old photos of life in the town during its boom years adorn the walls. No food made here but pretzels are set out. A pleasant stop in a friendly place.

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  1. Hello, we ran into you in Roslyn this day enroute to Yakima. Nice work, hope to run into you again in the future! Cheers!