Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hazel Dell Brewpub, Vancouver

  Hazel Dell appears to be an unincorporated but developed area just north of the city of Vancouver. The brewery is on Rte. 99, in a newish building.
It started up in 1993, the first brewpub in Clark County, by brother and sister Phil and Teresa Stein.  A good name for brewers--and for two of their best selling beers, Steinweizen (the hefe) and Steinbock (the bock, not the author.  Although I do have a t-shirt at the Steinbock Center in Salinas, CA bearing a great quote from his friend Ed Ricketts: "There's nothing quite like that first taste of beer.")
  Inside, the atmosphere is friendly.  The decor is nothing noteworthy, although the back bar is a nice picture window looking in on the 7-barrel system.
 Some reviewers have been unimpressed by the food here. I didn't have time or space to try a meal; just ordered a cup of chili and a glass of Capt. Vancouver's Stout: creamy, 6.8 abv, on a nitrogen system, and delicious.  The chili was pretty good, too.
(Visited 10/4/10)

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