Monday, October 18, 2010

Fort George in Astoria

  The Fort George Brewery in downtown Astoria shares a whole block with a bakery.  It gets its name from what the British called John Jacob Astor's fur trading post when the War of 1812 forced him to sell it for a while to the Hudson's Bay Company (or its predecessor, I forget which now). Inside, the pints are flowing, in the form of mason jars.  Honestly, this is the pub's standard method of serving a pint.  My server said it holds a bit closer to 17 ounces, thus a better deal than the usual 16-oz. bar glass.
My jar was holding some Co-Hoperative, a fresh-hopped ale using just hops grown in backyard gardens in the town. Some other interesting names: Cavatica Stout, named for Charlotte A. Cavatica, the star web-spinner of E. B. White's classic tale.Vortex IPA, named for a tornado in Nebraska which came that close to destroying the brewing equipment as it was being trucked west to Oregon.
  They make sausage on-site as well.  I had a daily special, a chantrel mushroom sausage with a salad, which was tasty. A pretty good band was playing near the bar. It was a friendly place and a good time (10/03/10)

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