Thursday, October 28, 2010

McMenamins Queen Anne

  This McM location is just a block from the Seattle Center, the Space Needle and all the good things to see and do there.  It occupies the ground floor of an apartment building, in a structure of particular merit.
  Inside, the premises have the usual McMenamin artwork, including the surfaces of the three brew kettles.
My server said this location has enough capacity to keep its own taps going.  In other words, it does not rely on the larger capacity at the DadWatson brewery in nearby Fremont.
  This location is like several other outposts of the McMenamin empire: chosen not because the building has any great historical or architectural significance, but because it is in a cool location, the kind of neighborhood the brothers M enjoy. The Queen Anne filled quickly on a Sunday afternoon, with customers of all ages. I had a steak sandwich with a pint of Ruby's and was off to the opera, a block away.
(Visited 10/24/10)

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