Monday, November 18, 2013

Heathen-ish concoctions on Vancouver's north side

    Several miles north of urban Vancouver, but still in Clark County, Heathen Brewing is operating and doing a brisk business during its limited hours (Th-Fr-Sat afternoons).  The brewing goes in in a little metal building next to brewer Sunny Parsons' house.
Sales are limited to growler fills; no pints, although small tasters are free.  I sampled the Promiscuous Blonde (5.5% abv, 19 IBU), the Indulgence Ale (5.6%, 38), the Heathen's Pale (5.6%, 40) and the Transgression (7.5%, 85).  The latter was apparently the people's choice in an IPA-taste-off competition with a wide selection of Oregon and Washington IPAs run by a local TV station with online voting.
It was almost Halloween and like craft brewers everywhere, Heathen had cranked out a pumpkin ale.  "Sinderella" Parsons called it, and it was sinfully sweet.  Pumpkin pie, liquified.
Heathen is popular, no doubt about it,  Standing room only in the tasting area, no chairs or tables.
There are rumors of a possible pub in Heathen's future.  That would be welcome news for beer lovers in this area.
(Visited 10/25/13)

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