Friday, November 22, 2013

Buller Brewing, Buenos Aires

Hola from Argentina, beer fans! My first day in B.A., I had dinner under a brand new nano brewery and today, after a day hitting some of the main tourist spots and ending up at the Ricoleta cemetery where Eva Peron's remains draw a steady stream of devotees, I wandered across the street to the Buller Brewing Company's pub. Buller has been here since 1999, an early pioneer for zymurgy down here in the land of classy Malbecs and Cabs.  Their sampler tray started with a Pilsner and ended with a stout, the two best exemplars of their styles that I tasted.

In between came a Hefeweizen, a Honey Ale, an Oktoberfest, and an IPA that were all competently made; the IPA was presented as "para las amantes de lupulo" but if the bitterness hit 65 on the IBU scale I'd be surprised.  The lovers of hops up in our Northwest might want a tad more.
The system is modern, a 10-hectoliter kettle and same sized fermenters.
The pub offered a pleasant dining experience with a spread of tables out front where folks could soak up the 75 degree sunshine.  Not missing soggy Bellingham today!
(Visited 11/22/13)

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