Monday, May 6, 2013

Ice Harbor in Kennewick: the marina site

   The newer parts of the Tri-Cities (which is to say, all their parts, hardly anything from before World War II as they were three villages then) are not really much to look at.  Unless you like looking at a lot of the same franchises you would see in recently developed parts of New Jersey, Illinois, etc.  The Columbia River is the main visual feature worth a snapshot, there, and the two bridges between Pasco and Kennewick--the Cable Bridge and the Blue Bridge--are the best man-made additions to the river.
    It's a good thing, therefore, that Ice Harbor Brewing folks with the brewery by the railroad tracks in downtown Kennewick have a second location they call the marina pub, on an island under the Cable Bridge.
This is a visually appealing spot with great views.
The kitchen does good work here.  Check out the garlic-pesto chicken flatbread with a pint of Uncle Herbert's Scottish Ale:
While there, last month, I picked up a ticket for the Untapped Blues & Brews Festival coming up May 11, so I will be back soon, en route to Spokane and then Chicago.
(Visited 04/18/13)

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