Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Barley Mill Pub, Pendicton

Pendicton, British Columbia sits in the middle of the beautiful, wine-grape laden Okanagan Valley. The town also supports three craft brewers; I had time to check out one recently.  The Barley Mill has been a pub since 1982, a brewery since 1996.  They make two lagers, a "classic" with pilsner malts and a mexcian style; also a wheat ale, a pale, and a brown.  Jon Stott's Beer Quest West (2011), my bookshelf reference for B.C. breweries, says the upstairs area, where the brewing goes on, has a nice collection of NHL and other hockey memorabilia.  There was a poker tournament going on up there so I couldn't inspect it closely.  In the center of the first photo, one may be able to see the hockey uniform on a mannequin.  
(Visited 5/20/13)

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