Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Alpine Brewing, Oroville

   Oroville sits on the border, in the verdant Okanagan Valley.  Bart Traubeck,  the Munich-born brewer has been turning out fine German beers in this small town for a number of years.  His brewery is only open on the occasional Saturday, notice given on a blackboard by the door.
     Passing through the town recently, I learned that Alpine's lagers were likely to be on tap in a couple of nearby taverns, and found the pilsner at the Pastime, an attractive alehouse just a block south.  Braumeister Bart was sitting at a sidewalk table, enjoying a glass with a friend.
I saluted him and commended his pilsner --made to the high standards at Chuckanut we enjoy here in Bellingham.
(Visited 5/20/13)

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