Monday, November 8, 2010


  You just can't beat Pike Brewing for a great location in the city.  Not only is it at the south end of the world famous Pike Place Market; it is also catty-corner from the Seattle Art Museum. The SAM has been running this terrific exhibition of Picasso's art (on loan from Paris while the National Picasso Museum over there is being renovated for a couple of years), which I went down to see.  A couple of hours of looking at great art can make one thirsty, y'know? 
  In the main pub area, they had turned on a neon sign that read "Museum Bar Now Open."  Although I had been in the main area several times, I didn't remember a museum bar. What a treat!  This is a long room that houses founder Charles Finkel's breweriana collections. I have noted other interesting collections, like growlers, bottle openers, coasters, and quotations.  Finkel has created one wall for the history of brewing, a timeline from Egyptian days to the modern brewpub laws in the 1980s.  Elsewhere around the room you see great posters, miniature beer bottles, all sorts of stuff. That this museum room was open meant it was staffed by a bartender, which is not always the case.  I gather that even when it is unstaffed it is open for wandering around in, unless it is being used for a private party.
  Here is Pike's interior entrance from one of the main corridors in the Market:
(Visited most recently 11/5/10)

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