Friday, November 12, 2010

Four Peaks in Tempe

  A few days ago, I flew down to Mesa to hang out with three old friends from high school and celebrate that we all have our birthdays in November.  Which birthday?  Well, let's just say it has biblical standing. Class of '58, North Phoenix High, do the math.  One sunny afternoon (aren't they all, down there?) we walked through the ASU campus to slake our thirsts at the Four Peaks Brewery.  My friends took my pic walking into the joint.
  Inside, we saw a whopping big space, originally built as an ice plant in 1892 and turned into an ice cream operation called The Creamery early in the 1900s. The capacity is around 40,000 barrels a year and they claim to be the largest craft brewer in Arizona. The kettles extend way into the back of the cavernous building.
  My friends and I each had a couple of pints from the nice range of choices they had put up on the chalk board that day.
Can you see what's in the leadoff spot?  Yes, they call their Scotch ale Kilt Lifter, too.  Good people at Pike Brewing, I hope you're cool with that.  What are the odds that you'll be shipping your Kilt Lifter down to Arizona, or that Four Peaks will be shipping theirs up to Seattle? Can we spell minuscule? Can you tell I am still steamed about Pyramid suing Georgetown over the 9-Pound Hammer Ale? The irony is that Pyramid is no longer even owned by Magic Hat; they were sold to the Genesee people in Rochester, NY this fall.
  Enough digression. Even conceding that beer tastes better in the warm sunshine, Four Peaks is cranking out some pretty good brew.  Cheers.
(Visited 11/9/10)

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