Friday, November 19, 2010

Mission Springs: B.C. fun spot

  Just ten miles north of the border, provided you enter Canada at Sumas. WA, the adventurous beer tourist will find the Mission Springs Brewery, restaurant, and package store on BC Rt. 7, on the north bank of the Fraser.
This place must be mad crowded in the summer.  On a gray, windy November afternoon with a storm coming in, it wasn't hard to get a seat.  But imagine it on a clear summer day: they have hauled in enough sand for two beach volleyball courts. One can sit in the pub or the restaurant and watch lissome volleyball players, or behind them, the Fraser, and Mt. Baker. OMG! The beer wouldn't even have to be that good.
As a bonus, though, the beer is pretty good, too. They will bring out a tray of six samples, about an ounce each, and give that away.  Yes, a sample tray is free. I settled on their IPA, nicely hopped but not over the top hopped.  I took home a bottle of their Blonde Bombshell.  If you follow the link, it tells you that a group called the Collectors of Canadian Brewery Advertising gave their label of the year award to this label in 2009. We should have such an award here in Washington!

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