Friday, August 16, 2013

Slaughter County marks first anniversary in Port Orchard

  Slaughter County Brewing Co (main site on Facebook)  celebrates one year in business this Saturday.  The Wednesday before, they had only one of their own brews on tap in the pub, running guest taps in the others as they stockpiled for the upcoming party.  They are located right on the waterfront; in this view a biking and running trail borders the pub's outdoor seating area while a naval ship steams past out of the Bremerton Navy Yard.
   The name is that given the county by the Territorial Legislature in 1857, to commemorate one William Alloway Slaughter, one of the first white casualties of the Indian wars that broke out after 1855.  Changed to Kitsap County not long after that. Owner and brewer Sbott Kirven likes historical tidbits like this, and a peek at his three-barrel system discloses another enthusiasm.
Shiver me timbers, it's a pirate-themed pub!  Kori, the bar manager, says they have a piratical evening once a month.  One Eye IPA, one of the ales being readied for Saturday, reflects that.theme.  The only own beer available when I stopped was the Dubbel; it was malty but I couldn't pick up the spices that often mark this style.  Other types made here include a Scotch ale and a barleywine.  Zymurtic diversity is the watchword.
Great location, lots of fun events, good beer: Slaughter should have mnay more anniverstary parties in years to come.
(Visited 8/14/13)

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