Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ballard # 4 (Populuxe)

  My last stop at the new breweries of Ballard was at Populuxe Brewing  in the 800 block of NW 49th St. Opened last March--the same day as Peddler--Populuxe is definitely a nano-sized brewery with a 1.5 bbl system.  Their next-door neighbor is Apex Automotive
and the two businesses were co-sponsoring a family day on the last Friday in July.  This meant a big turnout of little people in the open area between Populuxe and Apex.
It was pretty hectic and the brewfolk were busy drawing pints for parents, so no chance to chat. But I gathered that Populuxe has been scoring well with the beer geeks of Seattle.
   That wrapped up a day in Ballard's new breweries that are up and running.  Two more are in the works, license applications pending.  Now what if Redhook, which started out here, were to open a pub in the old neighborhood?
(Visited 7/26/13)

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