Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pendleton: The Prodigal Son

   I'd stopped off in Pendleton, OR a time or two in the past, but had forgotten what an eye-candy downtown they have there.  All turn of the century (20th) buildings, with thriving local, one-of-a-kind businesses.  There's also the factory store for the best wool shirts and blankets, the Round-Up in September, and a nice little brewery.  The Prodigal Son Brewery occupies a 1915-vintage building on Court Street in the downtown area.
     Inside, some of the walls bear painted advertising from days gone by (seems like that would have gone up on the outside walls) and a number of little rooms for groups of various types to use.
   A ten-barrel brewing system works mostly to keep up with consumption right here on the premises,.Co-manager Jennifer Guenther told me that they send kegs to a very limited number of draft accounts in the area. Although the website says Prodigal Son is available in a few locations in Portland, Corvallis, etc., that is evidently not the case at this time.  No bottling, no canning.
   The beers are tasty.  I tried Afternoon Delight, which they style an ISA or India Session Ale. 5.3% abv, 56 IBUs, certainly sessionable as the current phrase has it.  The pub food with my pint was a Scotch Egg, a hard-boiled pickled egg done up in a pork sausage blanket with some veggies on the side.
Next time I get to Walla Walla, I'll allow time to come back to Pendleton and check out more of the good stuff at the Prodigal Son.
(Visited 7/09/13)

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