Monday, September 10, 2012

Old Schoolhouse: Winthrop, Warshington

  Stopped off in Winthrop recently to enjoy a tasty pint in the Old Schoolhouse Brewery's pub deck overlooking the Methow River
Travel companion D.B. is enjoying some of their GABF gold medal IPA in the foreground. Old Schoolhouse added more fermenters last year to essentially double their output and extend their bottled beer territory.  The brew kettle and mash tun are still visible upstairs.
   Out in front, along one of Winthrop's faux-western plank sidewalks, Old Schoolhouse provides cutout photo ops.  Note the spelling of Warshington--this is how dry-side folks are alleged to pronounce our state. 

D.B., who took this shot of me, was born and raised on the dry side and says this is hogwash. Not hogwarsh. 
(Visited 8/22/12)

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