Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dick's Deli in Centralia

   Sitting on the Thurston-Mason County line, several miles north of Centralia, one finds Dick's Sausage Shop and Deli:
What we know as Dick's Brewing Co. began here, when the late Dick Young  opened his sausage business around 1982.  He started making beer toward the end of that decade, in the same building until steady increases in beer sales eventually led to moving the brewery several miles away.  I posted my visit to the new brewing site in March 2011 but had not been back to the deli/cafe for a while. 
   The dining experience is pleasant in a country sort of way, with red and white tablecloths and knotty pine booths.  The patio outside is shaded by a big hop vine, nearly ready for the harvest now:
   Sausage goes with beer naturally, whereas pairing the charcuterie with wine just doesn't resonate the same.  A good variety of sausages in the deli case probably offers a tasty nibble for any of a dozen beer styles.
(Revisited 9/15/12)

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