Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Richland's Atomic Brewpub; another historical aside

    Dropping into the Tri-Cities from the west, the first city is Richland, home of the Atomic Ale Brewpub.  One needs to know a bit of history about the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb in World War II to appreciate the names of the brews here. The government took over the little town of Hanford, just north of Richland, in 1943, turning it into a huge project to create plutonium for the bombs being put together down in Los Alamos. Housing for the thousands of workers was built in Richland and many stayed after the war as the reactors were converted to generate electricity. Here was the tap list on a day in May:
The building formerly housed an A&W drive-in and a wide roof still covers much of the parking area.
 They had just run out of the Seaborgium 106 Scottish Ale (who knew that physicist Glenn Seaborg had an element named after him?) so I settled for a schooner of Half-life Hefe, malty and fruity.
(Visited 5/16/11)

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