Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rattlesnake Mountain: Kennewick or Richland?

   Rattlesnake Mountain Brewing Co. is listed with a Kennewick address in Northwest Brewing News, but the Kennewick city limits sign is a block or two to the south, which would put the brewery in Richland. The brewery is housed within Kimo's Sports Pub and overlooks the Columbia River.
The pub area is decorated with boxing ring paraphernalia and posters from many sports notables. Big banners proclaim their support of the area's minor league hockey team, the Tri-Cities Americans. One of their nine brews is called Americans' Amber, in fact. I tried their Helluva Hefe, giving my approbation to the policy of not providing the lemon slice unless it was requested.  Production has been geared to a level sufficient to support the restaurant, but my server said they are beginning to develop tap accounts at other establishments. 
(Visited 5/16/11)                                                          

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