Thursday, December 9, 2010

Skagit River Brewing

   The Skagit River Brewery in downtown Mt. Vernon is a place I've been stopping by for several years now and I should post it on this blog.  They are in a recycled building that started out as a fruit warehouse in the 1920s. The building sits right next to the railroad tracks and next door to Skagit Station, where Amtrak and the buses stop.
  Their most popular brand appears to be the Sculler's IPA.  Although sculling is a rowing event, the folks here treat the "c" as if it were a "k" and the morbid skull graces every bottle of Sculler's.  They even did up the bar with skull mugs last Halloween.
     Another of my faves here is Jenny's, the Scotch ale they make every summer in honor of the Skagit Highland Games, a great Celtic whoop-up.  It is a seasonal, but they give it a pretty long season.
   Skagit River has been around for some years.  I know it has been a training ground for a number of folks who have gone on to brew elsewhere or to pour good beers in taverns.
(Visited several times, 2007-present)

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