Thursday, December 2, 2010

Central City: surrey down

  Driving into downtown Vancouver is a lot like driving into downtown Seattle: not one of life's great pleasures. I like to leave the macchina way out on the outskirts and take mass transit in. Vancouver's Skytrain gives you two ways to do this: drive to Richmond near the airport and take the Canada line, or drive to Surrey and take the Expo line. This day, I chose Surrey, in part so I could check out Central City Brewing.  This operation is located across the street from the Skytrain station and in a wing off a curvy glass high rise that is the Surrey campus of Simon Fraser University.
  Inside, they were doing a lot of business in the restaurant, at lunchtime on a rainy Tuesday. The menu was mostly pub fare. They did offer mussels done six different ways and I tried a plate of beer braised mussels which came in a nice broth with their white ale for a base. I had a pint of the white ale, which was served in a weizen glass (as I had learned in my glassware research for the Chuckanut post). They had just five beers on tap, besides the white ale, I saw ESB, Raspberry Wheat, a lager and a pale.  There may have been a tap with the IPA at another station.  All their brews are branded Red Racer, a hot redhead riding a fat tire bicycle.
  Central City has a second logo that plays up their strategic location"\: a skytrain in front of the sleek SFU tower.  It is etched on the glass on the outer windows, and also at the entrance to their package store next door.
As noted, the Expo line station is just a few steps out the door, and it terminates at the Waterfront Station dowtnown, which was also just steps from another goor brewpub stop: Steamworks.
Visited 11/30/10)

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