Thursday, September 16, 2010

Port Angeles: Peaks Pub

   Peaks in P.A. joins the list of brewpubs with unique collections of breweriana: Here it's bottle openers,  a long line of branded bottle openers behind the bar.  Brewer Ed likes to highlight his "killer chili" on his website; he does have some fairly potent brews on tap.  I passed on a pint of Imperial something, IPA probably, that he said tested somewhere north of 10% ABV. 
   Peaks has for the most part resisted the Twilight tourist craze that has infected parts of P.A. and all of Forks.  Most of the fans of Edward the Vampire and his swooning Bella are too young for beer anyway. They do make a Twilight Red here, and its color will not be mistaken for blood.  Tastes better, too. It is a friendly place that 
welcomes a new face and makes you feel at home.

(Visited 5/6/10)

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