Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grand Canyon Brewery

  Along a remnant of old Rte. 66 in Williams, Arizona sits the Grand Canyon Brewery.  Their website  offers some nice pix of the canyon a few miles to the north and also has a nice feature showing which of its six brews is available in which package: bottles, full kegs, or pony kegs. The taproom is done up in somewhat of a biker theme.  The bar-stool seats are motorcycle seats mounted on posts. 
  I had a pint of their Starry Night Stout, hanging out with an old friend.  Don and I shared a chuckle at the mural on the wall outside.
Can you see the person climbing out of the trunk of a car near the front of the drive-in?  We were busted attempting to do that very thing one night in Phoenix back in the 50s.  Ah, misspent youth!
  (Visited 3/27/10)

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