Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Skookum in Arlington: a challenge just to find

    "Getting there is half the fun'--who coined that phrase? Some railroad, probably.  If you don't have a GPS in your vehicle, take careful notes of the directions on Skookum's website.  As you wend your way down 200th St. past the dead end sign, watch for 17th Drive and a set of numbers.  "19529" is the only clue that Skookum is down this dirt road.  Brewer-owner Ron Walcher can tell you the story about how the only thing Snohomish County could do in response to neighbors' objections to his brewing was to tell him he couldn't have a sign.
    Anyway, you drive--very slowly--down this road, through pastures with horses grazing, and you come to this ranch gate.  If you're old enough, it may remind you of entering the Ponderosa on the tv series Bonanza.  When you arrive, you are apt to find Ron and his partner Jackie very busy pouring from their taps, as tasting hours are very limited (Fri 3-7 and Sat 2-5) and their enthusiastic following turns out in numbers to sip and buy within those windows of opportunity. 
   I filled my growler with the Woody's Oak pale ale, after a pint definitely showed me the oak and citrus flavors Ron mentions in his tasting notes.  Too bad this is a seasonal: I'll miss it when they move on to something else.
(Visited 5/20/10; 8/21/10)

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