Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lazy Boy Brewing, Everett: learning about mobile bottling

  You have to look hard to find Lazy Boy, behind the Everett Mall and squeezed in between a state L&I office and a UPS shipping facility.  I parked on SE 100th and walked past the Labor and Industry offices to their tasting room (W-Sat 12-5). The whole operation is visible from the tasting table, and the question came to mind: how does a micro get its product bottled?  No bottling line could be seen.  Brewer-owner Shawn Loring enlightened me.  He contracts with Microbeer Source out of Issaquah, who brings in a mobile bottling unit once a month.  This unit can fill four or five pallets in a day with 22-oz or 12-0z bottles.  Loring has Odom Distributing get most of this to the retail outlets.
   Lazy Boy's website lists their standard and seasonal creations.  One unusual feature was two hefeweisens: a northwest and a Bavarian style.  Shawn said he used different yeast strains in the two.  On my tongue, the Bavarian seemed a bit maltier and the northwest had a fruitier finish.  Their IPA is no doubt their best seller; it is the bottle most frequently seen in stores.
 (Visited 7/29/10)

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