Monday, August 10, 2015

Sound to Summit: Snohomish city gets a happenin' brewery

    Snohomish: The bypassing  US 2 doesn't subject you to a long stream of traffic lights (Monroe, the next town on the way to Stevens Pass will) as you head into the mountains from Everett.  Quaint downtown, if you take an exit, fun place to stroll or start a bike ride on the Centennial Trail, but not much of a beer town until lately.  A garage nano, Mt. Pilchuck Brewing, has been in business a couple of years but hasn't gained much traction.  Now, however, we have Sound to Summit Brewing, nine months in business and making a statement.
     The owners, Drs. John (M.D.) and Stacy (D.D.S.) Sype, both home brewers for some years, decided to go commercial about three years ago, and hired Gray Warnock as brewmaster while still in the planning and design stages. The space is in a business park, about a mile west of the downtown
area, in a space previously used as a warehouse.
Pipes and cables criss-cross the high ceiling; they play no part in the brewing process.

Rather than run down the various styles offered here, I present the tap list as written last week.

Three kinds of IPA, but also note the pilsner, Vienna lager, and kolsch.  We can always cheer another lager maker.


  The three fermenters toward the back of the work space are each rated 15-bbl.  The brewing system appears to have a batch capacity of around 5 bbls.  The tasting room is family-friendly and a ping-pong table was getting good use on a summer afternoon.   Sound to Summit looks like it is well grounded and off to a good start.

(Visited 08/07/15)

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