Friday, July 31, 2015

She Stoups to Conquer Ballard

     Apologies to Oliver Goldsmith for making the title of his 1773 rom-com into a pun, but it does promote proper pronunciation of Stoup Brewing Co.  In less than two years (founded October 2013) Stoup has made a pretty fair splash in the Seattle scene.

The production brewery and taproom, augmented by food trucks after 5 p.m., is located in an industrial part of the Ballard district--a block from the big Bardahl plant that is also a navigational landmark for Reuben's Brews. Stoup (a Scots word for a tankard or cup, also an Old Norse word for a beaker) has kept four ales in production since opening day: a Red, an IPA, an ESB, and a porter.  Four others rotate in and out, on the day I stopped by, they included a Citra IPA, an India Golden Ale, and a Mosaic Pale.
Notwithstanding the name, the Mosaic Pale is bittered by another hop besides the mosaic; I tried a pint and liked the tangy nose and the long finish. 555.3% abv and 39 IBUs/
   Repurposed cargo containers seem to be an in thing these days.  Pictured here is an orange container behind the bar, where the working kegs are hooked up. There is another container outside, its present function I did not learn.  Stoup is self-distributing, within King County and also south, beyond Tacoma and down to Olympia.
  With three medals at the 2015 state brewers festival last month, they seem to be off to a great start.
(Visited 07'29/15)

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