Friday, June 12, 2015

Where the "Heartland" brews in the Big Apple: on the way home v. I

Manhattan, 5th Ave & 34th St.  The Empire State Building, rising o so hi and being the wrap scene for Sleepless in Seattle, King Kong, etc.  Right down at the corner, craft beer flows from a dozen taps of the parent Heartland Brewery.
They brew in Brooklyn and serve up pints in five or six locations around the city, including this classic spot.  Penn Station is just a five minute walk from here, and with an hour and a quarter between Amtrak trains, it was easy to stop in for a pint.  The older daughter up in Albany gave me a Heartland t-shirt a couple of birthdays  back: it lists the beers they make all year, like Cornhusker Lager, Indiana Pale, and Farmer Jon's Oatmeal Stout.  You'd expect a tractor parked in the pub with all this country theme stuff, but alas, the Midwest is only celebrated in the beer names.  Well, cockle doodle do me, I had time for a pint of Red Rooster Ale and then it was back to the train station and on to Philly.
(Visited 06/06/15)

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