Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tacoma's northside beer scene, part III--Tacoma Brewing Co.

   From the top of the Spanish Steps, if you turn around and walk up the hill, a block will take you to St. Helens Ave, and the taproom of the Tacoma Brewing Co., the domain of brewer Morgan Alexander since 2012.  A staple here is Dr. Alexander's Hard Ginger Ale, based on a Victorian-era recipe Morgan found.  This nano-brewing operation involves kegging small batches from the 1.5 bbl  fermenters 
     TBC also carries a varying assortment of ales, with IPAs of various strengths.  For the St. Pat's weekend just passed, they offered pints of Broken Window IPA, Penalty Kick Triple IPA, and NW Pale as well as the Ginger Ale.  Alexander has just announced a new bottle option for Cigar Box IPA as well.
  This brief survey has just covered the new brewers on the scene in one part of Tacoma.  A few blocks up St. Helens would lead the curious and thirsty to Harmon Brewing's Hub and Taproom, additional outlets of the Harmon Brewing operation which started and still goes strong down by the State History Museum.  And the Tacoma Link streetcar that takes you there trundles on to the Tacoma Dome and the rich porters of Wingman Brewing.  Yes, Grit City is now ensconced as another fine Beer City.
(Visited 03.12.15)

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