Sunday, March 30, 2014

Redmond's newest: the Hi-Fi shop

  In one of those business parks in Redmond, a couple of miles north of Microsoft, the beer tourist can find Hi-Fi Brewing, about a block down from Black Raven.  John and Cathy Carothers and friends  opened Hi-Fi last August  and themed it to celebrate the days when music was distributed and sold on 33 ⅓ vinyl records. The decor is just right for the theme.
The wall shown on the right is a woofer and tweeter simulation (yes, children, there was a time when a tweeter meant a speaker just for the high frequencies) with some genuine turntables in a display case. The album covers shown above are just there for colors and shapes; no specific artists. There are even a couple of lava lamps for 70's junkies.
The beers are grouped under "Current Playlist" (the standard brews) and "Limited Edition" (the seasonals and specials). Standards are an Englsih Pale, a Kolsch, an IPA, a Porter, ESB.My choice was a Mix Tape #2, billed as a British IPA/American Pale blend. Decently hoppy but not over-the-top.
The system has a fifteen-barrel capacity and is visible through a glass wall in the taproom. A deli across the street is there for edibles.
(Visited 3/20/14)

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