Friday, January 31, 2014

River City (we got trouble right her in....)

  OK, I had to recall that great song from The Music Man to lead into a story on Spokane's River City Brewing, but this new brewery is not making trouble or anything else that rhymes with Pool.  They are making a signature red ale--I guess it has to be signature as the red is even in their website name.  When the name river city has also been used by breweries in Sacramento, Jacksonville, and Witchita, you have to do something to stand out.
   Spokane's River City Red is a nice malty ale, moderately strong (5.6% abv, 16 IBU) that goes down easy. The taproom has been open a few months and a deli next door makes all kinds of sandwiches you can bring in.  The tap list from a few days ago gives an idea of the varieties offered here.
   Some of the names date from the brewers' prior incarnation as the Coeur d'Alene Brewing Co.  The guys who had been brewing over the line in Idaho decided to run a smaller system in a bigger city.
   The back wall displays some of the swag they sell.  They seem to be very bicycle-centered here, like the Pedlar in Seattle.
(Visited 01/17/14)

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