Sunday, December 15, 2013

Now, Berlina, & Gilbert

Practically next door to Blest is Berlina Brewing's pub.  In this case the production brewery is in a different location, but I did pass that way on a mountain bike the next day and get a pic. The pub is pleasant and had six styles on tap this day: Golden, Weizen, IPA, PIPA, Stout, and Ale de Comarca (loosely translates as hereabouts or region).  Stats are listed, abv, IBUs, and that color-chart number, SRM.  The stout, which I tried, scoped out at 6%, 38 IBUs, and a dark 48 SRM.  Main thing is a nice rich malty taste.
Berlina opened in 2005 and the brewmaster trained in Germany. Bartender poured small samples of the rest of the lineup and I found good quality.  The PIPA (1st P is not for Patagonia, but I've forgotten what it is) was more in the range of what we think of as IPA: 6%, 75 IBUs. The regular IPA, at 5% and 53 IBUs, would be a tad mild for the Pacific Northwest.
Pictures of the brewing works, a few miles away, are on display in the pub, but as mentioned, I saw the building the next day huffing and puffing up a dirt road on a mountain bike in the village of Colonia Suizo (Swiss Colony).
But no one was brewing on this fine Sunday afternoon, so I pedaled on, slaking my thirst with my water bottle, when all of a sudden a sign heralded another cerveceria-fabbrica.  This was Gilbert, a nano-sized operation on a hill overlooking a lake.  The parking lot had more mountain bikes than cars!

The three styles on tap were described as rubia (blonde), roja (red), and negra (black).  They were hoppy and in fact were a Pale Ale, an IPA, and a Stout.  Brewing terminology was not always precise down here in Patagonia.  Gilbert was started in 2003 but a new brewer had taken over recently.  His craft was adequate but not outstanding.
(Visited 11/30 & 12/1/13)

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