Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Triplehorn: viking sitings in Woodinville

 Another pre-festival stop in Woodinville was at  Triplehorn Brewing, in another business park.  These guys, two brothers named Rich and Ray Nesheim, have some Norwegian heritage and it shows in their brewpub.  The triple horns? Right out of a Norse saga, the Gylfaginning, a tale of how Odin disguised himself as a plowhand for three days to get three drinks of the magical brew Odhroerir. Their selections include nice guttural sounding names like Landwink IPA, Midgard Pale, and Folkvang Red.  Someday they may grow into a Scandinavian A-frame, but for now the look is startup industrial.
   At the festival later, Triplehorn guys were easy to spot with their horned helmets. Percy Harvin, the wide receiver the Seahawks just picked up from the Minnesota Vikings, would probably feel at home here.
Fun place. Midgard Pale goes down nicely, too.
(Visited 6/14/13)

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