Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fremont adds another: Outlander Brewing

     After giving the Belgianfest ales time to settle, I moseyed up to Seattle's  Fremont district, to get a stamp from Brouwer's Cafe in my WABL passport.  Wandering the neighborhood after that, past the Theo chocolate works (where Redhook began as a brewery), I caught the familiar scent of malting barley on a side street.  Yes! It was coming from a little blue building on 36th St.
Outlander (like the Diana Gabaldon novels) Brewing has been up and running since August.  Nigel Lassiter brews on a one-barrel system with a couple of fermenters and owns the business.
Here was the tap list on the Saturday night before the Super Bowl:
I tried a pint of his Astragalusk Schisandra, a wheat ale infused with a Chinese medicinal root and berry, at 7.4% abv.  I'm sure it cured whatever may have been on the verge of ailing me.   I recall a balanced taste, a bit darker than some other wheat ales.  Excellent aroma.
It looks like another adventurous brewery where the craft is paramount.
(Visited 2/02/13)

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