Sunday, August 26, 2012

Twisp River Pub w/ cool jazz

    Where the Twisp River flows down from the mountains to meet the Methow (note to out of state readers, that's pronounced as two words, as in "she once sang at the Met.  How she made it there I can't imagine"), the Methow Valley Brewing Co. has a very pleasant location.  Their totemic creature is the crow, and a chainsaw carved rendition guards the front entrance.
   The pub has built a deck in back, extending over the river, and offers outdoor dining and live music several nights a week.  Wednesdays is jazz night and last Wednesday we caught the Nancy Zahn band; the lady doing vocals and four guys backing her up on guitar, keyboard, drums, and string bass.

   I enjoyed a Vienna Lager while we waited for a table, and then paired the Pilnser with a Salad Nicoise (with the little French gizmo under the c) with seared tuna on top.  Fine fare on a fine evening.
(Visted 8/22/12)

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