Thursday, July 12, 2012

North Sound brings heavy brews to B'ham

  The folks at North Sound Brewing, just down the road in Mt. Vernon, came to the Green Frog here last night, with hi-test kegs.  I tried their Stovka Imperial Pilsner, 9.0% abv, deceptively smooth and reasonably tart (IBUs in the 50s).  Then I moved on to the Sucellus Imperial Porter, 9.5% abv.  To quote brewer Kurt's notes, it "richly coats your tongue with smooth, dark chocolate and the kind of velvety goodness that makes you think the whole world loves you."  His enthusiasm for all things Irish includes the flowery phrase, but it is most apt here.
   Oh, I won an NSB cap in the swag drawings, too, first time for that.
(tasted 7/11/12)

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