Saturday, June 9, 2012

Palouse Falls (also in Pullman)

    Up the creek a bit from the old post office, seek out Palouse Falls Brewing Co., a production brewery with a tasting room, pleasant in the afternoon sunshine.
 They were pouring their four year-around brews (an IPA, a golden, a stout, and a ruby ale named for the Crimson of WSU up the hill.  A seasonal was another golden ale, Spring Thaw, with more kick at 7.0% and 45 IBUs than the regular golden, Idaho AU, at 4.75% and 17 IBUs.  Pullman sits almost on the Idaho state line, and Moscow, home of the U. of Idaho, is just seven miles away.  A second seasonal, Whitman Wheat, does not appear on the website but was being tapped on the day I stopped by.  If you can't get a wheat ale here in the Palouse, one of the best wheat producing areas in the world, something would be out of whack!
(Visited 6/01/12)

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