Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Whatcom breweries: gain one, lose one

Bellingham is now a three-brewery town, with the opening of Kulshan Brewing April 2.  It's located up on N. James Street, with good commercial neighbors like Hardware Sales, Vis Seafoods, Youngstock's produce stand, and Trader Joe's all within a block or two.
Photo dates from two weeks ago.  Kulshan has been putting out kegs in local taverns since mid-March; I tried their Good Ol' Boy Pale Ale in the Copper Hog recently.  It's a quality pale, in the Sierra Nevada tradition, clear although the bartender says it's unfiltered.  Now that the pub premises are open, I shall stop by soon and sample their other offerings.  The interior is split between a must-be-21 space and a family area.
While Bellingham adds a brewery, Ferndale loses one.  Frank-n-Stein on Main Street is now just a pub, not a brewpub, as Lloyd Zimmerman has sold the business and the new owner, Maggie, will just be operating it as a pub.  For memory lane, here's a pic of the WWII airplane prints that used to cover the back wall here.
Posted 04/04/12

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