Thursday, October 13, 2011

Elliott Bay's Burien pub

   Staying in a SeaTac motel the night before flying off to Italy, I decoded the Seattle Metro bus schedules and rode up to Big Al's and then Elliott Bay, in their Burien location (they started out in West Seattle and are still there, too).  Here's a pic of their equipment and the suburban scene out the window.
They were running over a dozen taps of their own products, about half being their certified-organic line.  I sort of recall (notes lost in travel) trying a pint of Wit von Boorien with a Mexican appetizer.  This is one of the non-organic series, named for Peter von Boorien, who emigrated from the Netherlands and started this town during the Klondike gold rush boom in the 1890s.
     They have a couple of elegant looking shuffleboard tables in the back, and evidently some organized competition takes place there.
The service was good and the atmosphere convivial.  As for the organic thing, this is more about making a statement than producing a better taste.  For vegetables like tomatoes or peppers, yes, it often tastes better.  But malted barley after an hour or more of boiling...who could tell?
(Visited 9/22/11)

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