Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trade Route; clever marketing

  Trade Route started out in south Seattle and has moved to a spot behind a truck service business in Pacific; just over the line into Pierce County.

Several items they brewed in the old spot are still here: Mango Weizen (150 lbs of pureed mangoes tossed into a 15 barrel batch) and Ginger Pale (who knew that before hops brewers added ginger for tartness? The result is really an alcoholic ginger ale.)  The amber they used to label as Chieftain had just been renamed 253 Amber Ale, with the outline of a telephone (B.C. phone, before cells) to drive home that yes, this brewery names a beer after their area code. I tried the Midnight Ale, which does have an interesting nutty taste (they say on the website that palm sugar does this). They were bottling their stout, which they call Sumatran Coffee Stout.  Everything else off premise to consumers was growler or half-growler sales.  They cook a pub food menu after 4 pm, just brats before that.
   Their marketing wrinkle is package deals, done up in bags.  One bag is called Beer for a Year: a t-shirt, a growler, and a punch card good for one growler fill a month for twelve months. That goes for $100.  A growler refill is $10 here, and the gear would go for over $20, so this is a good deal for people who live near enough to stop in monthly.  For the less frequent visitor they can sell a t shirt, growler bottle and a single fill of the growler for $25 per the website--my notes indicate that this was listing for $20 last week.  Another option was t shirt and one or two bottles of the stout.
(Visited 1/28/11)

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